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Quality Plan of Integral Low Fin Tubes

Fin Tube Products lays its utmost emphasis on quality in terms of its manufacturing process. The Quality Management System, with its distinctiveness, ensures that quality polices are implemented at every level of organization. Our quality management system operates on the basis of striving for continuous progress and reaching our customer's prospect.
We make sure to apply rigorous quality control processes at our shop-floor to meet the highest possible quality standards for Fin Tube products as achieving that is of primary importance to us. It is applied in all the stages ranging from raw material procurement to the finning process until the very delivery of the product to the designated customers. It also implies that we hold full traceability and integrity for all our products.
Our product Fin Tubes goes through an extensive quality control check during its entire process of manufacture for the sole purpose of quality maintenance. The quality management system also trains employees into required perfection for the same.

Different Stages involved

  • Procuring Raw Material
  • Making of Fin Tubes
  • Inspection & Testing
  • Third Party Inspection
  • Packaging
Quality plain tubes are procured on the basis of customer requirements and demands for the purpose of processing Fin Tubes, only from well known Indian plain tubes manufactures .Plain tubes are procured after due inspection and approved by any Third party Inspection Agency (TPI), as per customer needs for finning.
We ensure the authenticity of the plain tubes based on the fact that the tubes meet our standards of Specification, Dimension and Quantity as mentioned in our purchase order, as soon as we receive the material from our supplier.
The process begins as we take up finning for trials and goes on to bulk finning after the approval of the First Piece. Customer requirements and specifications are focused during finning, in the sense that Technical Parameters need to be achieved as per customer demands. Any rejection of tubes during finning calls for a stoppage on further processing.
Pneumatic Pressure (Air under Water) Test or Hydrotest at 40kg/cm2 (g) shall be carried out by us to conduct the final leak test for the entire quality as per customer requirement.
We shall also comply to our customer's demands to offer our fin tubes to them or any TPIA for their approval or inspection, if the customer has any, as per our QAP and Technical Parameters at our end.
Before boxing the fin tubes, we shall carry our air passage in the tubes along with a proper cleaning of the same.We shall apply Rust Oil on the Carbon Steel Fin tubes, before packing in wooden boxes.
All concerns regarding customer requirements and specifications such as OD at Fin Section, Fin Height, Plain Portion at both ends and Total Length of Fin Tubes are made sure to be achieved and maintained by us during Finning operation
All necessary instruments and measuring equipments viz. Vernier, Micrometers, Pressure Gauges, Measuring Tapes, which are periodically calibrated from NABL approved laboratory, are in our possession.
The profile projector is used for checking the profile of the Fins viz. Finned OD, Fin Height, Number of Fins per Inch, etc.
Hydrotest / Pneumatic Pressure Tests will be carried out as per the material and customer requirement.
Any stage of manufacture allows for customers to inspect the quality of our Fin Tubes without any issues since our Quality Assurance Plan indicates all tests to be performed at different stages of processing of Fin Tubes. Our utmost focus lies on adopting the total quality approach as per the requirements of ISO-9001:2008.
For inspection and approval, we shall duly comply to our customer's requests to offer our Fin Tube products to them or any Third Party Inspection Agencies viz. TUV, BV, LRA, SGS, IBR, EIL, etc. before dispatching. The Test Certificate shall be provided accordingly on completion.
The QAP and Technical Parameters shall be submitted for customer approval. Customer Approval will also be needed in carrying out finning as per Technical Parameters. Following the ISO Certification Procedure, we maintain and record all the documents related to the stage-wise inspection.
Fin Tubes are also offered to the TPIA for inspection and approval and Test Certificates are provided accordingly.
The packing comprises of insertion of Air Bubble Sheets inside strong wooden boxes which serve as the main packaging item for Fin Tube products and utmost care is taken in the entire process so it can reach the customer destination without any pilferage or damage. Worth mentioning, all the details provided by the customer for the product delivery, consisting of their name, address, phone number, contents and quality shall be put on the wooden boxes in the form of slips.
We are following the same steps strictly for the manufacturing of Pressure vessels , Heat Exchangers and other products involving Third Party Inspection a required by our Clients.
We believe in serving our clients with best quality of products. We at Peerfin specialize in providing Leak-Proof designs for our equipments with utmost efficiency delivering global standards.